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Youth Camp


Sail all day, play all evening and then get up and do it all over again!

The 2018 camp dates have not yet been set.  Camp is usually held in June each year.  For 2017,  Youth Camp was held on June 12-16 with set up taking place on Sunday, June 11.  The youth sailing program is geared to sailors between ages 9 to 18 with a variety of skill levels. Beginner sailors are especially welcome.


The 2017 groups are:

  • Opti Beginner
  • Opti Intermediate
  • Laser Radial Level I
  • Laser Radial Level II
  • 420

Sailors groups are assigned by best fit including sailing goals, skill level and age.

Family participation is a core program value and parents/grandparents are required to volunteer at least one day and to supervise their sailors overnight. As camp is all inclusive, kitchen help is especially needed.


Along with sailing, the world’s biggest slip-n-slide and Amazing Race round out the fun. Be ready!


Adult training on various topics ensures our group is prepared to drive power boats, run races, and handle emergencies.



•   2017 CLSA-T Youth Camp Registration
•   2017 CLSA-T Youth Camp Parent/Guardian Information
•   2017 CLSA-T Youth Camp Volunteer and Jr. Race Committee Availability
•   2017 CLSA-T Youth Camp Release and Payment
•  2017 CLSA-T Youth Program Medical Form and Release
•  2017 CLSA-T Boat Usage Agreement
•  Campers Pack List



All boats must be seaworthy and in good working condition.

CLSAT has a limited number of boats available .

- McLaughlin has a nice Opti tuning guide.

This guide includes a good drawings of the rig.

- All boats (Laser, Sunfish, Pram, Opti) must have hiking straps and a tiller extension. The proper place for Pram/Opti sailors is on the rail unless the wind is light.

- The Sunfish tiller extension is different from all the other boats and that’s how they are meant to be. A universal extension is also fine.

- All sailors should have some sort of wind indicator on the boat and telltales on their sails.

Optis need:

  • Paddle
  • Spong
  • Bailer

- All sailors must have a coast guard approved life jacket that fits the weight range of the child, and fits well. It should have a whistle attached to it. We will do an in-water life jacket test. There are a lot of places to save money on sailing, but this is not one of them.

- Polarized sunglasses really help see the wind and the inexpensive kind are fine in case they go for a swim or get stepped on. Croakies with floatation are also a good idea.

- Watch that counts down if your child is planning on racing. Ironman works okay and Target carries them for less than some other places.

- Optional –sailing gloves—inexpensive rubber garden gloves work well.

General Youth Camp Schedule

- 8:00 breakfast and sailor chores
- 9:00 groups meet and set plan for the morning
- Lunch
- Debrief from morning and set afternoon plan
- Wrap up around 4:00—depending on the breeze
- Swim in harbor—grandparents—we could really use your supervisory help for this

- Afternoon snack also happens now
- Dinner
- Evenings include guest speakers, The Amazing Race II and a special surprise
- Movies at dark

Tentative Daily Schedule 


Each sailor needs to set their camp and have their boat rigged and at the designated water front location. Dinner on your own.


Swim test –everyone. Capsizes for sailors in new boats who have not capsized that boat before.

There is a large group of beginners so all hands on deck to help launch and catch them.


The children will rig their own boats, but the group leaders will check to ensure it is rigged correctly. Please keep this process moving so we do not lose valuable on the water time.


Adult Training for the junior race course, etc.


The 2nd Amazing Race. Participants need good shoes and plan to get wet! The course is new this year. Parents please help man the stations.


Dinner, thank yous and the much cherished Counselor designed paper plate awards.

Please leave electronics at home