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Assignment of Duties

Not only should the RC personnel be assigned specific duties, but the RC boats should be assigned specific functions. Each boat should be designated a name by the PRO, which will be used when hailing each boat.

The Committee Boat

The Committee Boat has all the equipment for starting races – signal flags, horns and recording forms. It will be the starting boat for all races and may be used as finish boat. The personnel manning it should include:

Principle Race Officer (PRO): This is a member of the Permanent Race Committee (PRC) and is responsible for the overall management of the race and safety committees.

1st Officer: Under the supervision of the PRO, the 1st Officer is the operational chairman of the race committee and is responsible for the course setup and conduct of the race.

Recorder: Responsible for maintaining all race forms. Helps the spotter in accounting for all boats. Records starters as well as finish order when at the finish line.

Spotter: Identifies all boats before and at the start. Works in concert with the recorder. When at the finish line, will help lineman and recorder identify finishers.

Lineman: Positions himself at the mast marking the end of the starting line and determines if any boats start prematurely. This may be the 1st Officer or PRO. When at the finish line, he shall determine the order of finishing boats and their time if handicap scored.

Signaler: Responsible for operation of the starting signals.

Timer: Responsible for timing of the starting sequences. Can be the 1st Officer or PRO.

In the event of shortage of manpower, some of these duties may be combined.

Mark Boat
This is usually the larger jon boat and carries the course marks except the starting pin and spare mark. This boat should also carry code flag C and code flag S and a whistle for signaling course changes. This boat will also serve as a safety boat.

Finish Boat
This boat should carry the spare course mark and the starting pin. It should also carry the blue flag for marking the finish line and code flag M and a whistle to serve the function of replacing a missing or drifted mark. It should have the necessary forms to record finishes. At the finish the crew will act as spotter and recorder.

Safety Boat
The Pink Lady is equipped to deal with most on the water emergencies. It is equipped with a gasoline powered pump for dewatering swamped boats, a tow line, a first aid kit, AED and back board as well as thermal blankets for cool weather. It should be manned by a minimum of two, but preferably three persons. The Pink Lady also serves as an RC boat, setting or moving marks at the direction of the race chairman.

All RC boats must have radio communication. All boats have mounted radios that must be installed and connected each day. Bringing along an additional hand held radio is a good practice. We generally use Channel 68 for most communications. Use of cell phones for backup communication is an excellent idea. Exchange phone numbers in advance. The priority of the race committee is to run a fair and safe race. The safety of the racers is important, as well as all lake users. Any RC boat, including the Committee Boat, shall take the role of rescue boat for any boater in need of aid in an emergency.