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Reporting Race Results

The following steps should be taken to turn in the race results from any Club race:

  1. Gather the 3 race forms used to document the race participants and finish results.
  2. The PRO for the day should insure the forms are filled out correctly per the instructions on each form. Make any corrections necessary. Be sure the forms are legible. Clarify any results which are not legible.
  3. If the Scorekeeper (Ken Irwin) or Assistant Scorekeeper (Bruce Kitchen) is at the lake that day, the PRO should hand the results to them before they leave. 
  4. If neither person is at the lake, all 3 racing forms should be sent to the Scorekeeper via email. Scan the forms and attach them to an email. Or take a picture of the forms, insure they are of good enough quality to be read, and attach them to an email or a text message.
  5. The results must be reported by the end of the day the races took place.